28 December, 2013

Saturday; Quilts

When I got home today I wanted to be productive. 

I made patterns with the help of Google. I am not too sure why I drew so many monster girls and melting Pikachus and weird Sailor Moons in attempts to make a pattern. 
I didn't want to look up any reference, so I guess that's just what comes to mind when I have to resort to simplicity. Anime.

I rewatched the first two or three seasons of Sailor Moon this year. I started rewatching them last year to see how far I could go without going crazy, but it seems like Sailor Moon is a strangely satisfying anime for a 20 year old. It's partially the nostalgia and partially the character flaws.
I have always preferred watching television shows and anime that's already finished, so to binge watch 30 episodes in one sitting. I don't really recommend it. It's probably not very good for you.

I tried very hard today to learn Illustrator, so all these images are drawn in Illustrator but coloured in in Photoshop because I just couldn't get my head around the Blob Tool or whatever it's called. If anyone knows a nice short tutorial on colouring in Illustrator please pass it on to me because I have completely given up.

I think I might be allergic to mango, which is sad news. My Christmas baking was evidently a success, technically, which is not sad news. I received the following for Christmas:
  • a pair of shoes with spikes and things
  • tea
  • a milk carton made of glass (???)
  • a scroll of handmade paper with a leather thing
  • Shaun Tan's Metropolis Pictura (colour in thing it's SO COOL)
  • a box of biscuits
  • a Moleskin sketchbook
  • Shaun Tan's Rules of Summer
  • my mother's blessings to buy myself a new tablet with her money
  • my father's possible invitation to his next karaoke session
I think it has been a very good Christmas. I hope New Years is as cool in temperature and happiness as Christmas was this year; although no rain would be nice. I am severely looking forward to this year's extra thingy because of Reg Mombassa's involvement, and the involvement of Nat with a bake date wow food and such.

I should really clean my room.


23 December, 2013

Sunday; Greet seasoning

Let's start with a drawing!!!!!!!!!

It has been a long time since I have touched my tablet, or posted a drawing. Wie geht es dir? Bist du gut? Frohe Weihnachten etc etc. I have not been practicing das Deutsch at all whatsoever.

I've only bought one person a present for Christmas and it's Nat since it's easier to find her a present than it is for me to buy myself something. It's going to be a lazy Christmas. I am, however, rather looking forward to the new year, and therefore looking forward to crying at Michael's graduation. I can feel it in my bones. I know it'll happen. I'm prepared.

If all else fails, drawing my own face is always good practice. Thanks, Photobooth.
I didn't miss Photoshop at all.

Happy merry everything,

09 December, 2013

Monday; Disposable 4.0

I miss Oliver a lot (we all do), so when he has a thing, we go. That's pretty much a rule now.
Frankly, I've not been drawing much at all lately. Just working. We're now on break (since Friday), and so I guess it's time for the pen and paper projects again. I'm going to miss my kids.

I met very many people whose names I no longer recall, but I've immortalised their faces forever on film so that's probably a good enough apology. You're welcome.

I'll be drawing soon. I have characters to figure out.

I promise,

26 November, 2013

Tuesday; Disposable 3.0

As always, the omnipotent Abercrombie and it's jugs and fries and hordes of poor uni students enticed a bunch of us enough to go there after our final exhibition (the one I forgot to stick up here). This is my favourite set of photos. This is it.

There'll be drawings up soon enough, and then probably my Christmas and New Year photos after that. At least I'm posting.

I'm still knitting that stupid scarf. I've been knitting it for four years and it's still around the length of my arm (ie. not very long). On the other hand, I finally finished Steve Job's biography, which I started at the beginning of last year and never touched again (until the last few days). I have also had a few battles with Telstra (again) so now we're at a point where I have a specific person assigned to me to contact when Telstra inevitably screws me over, again.
I'm highly excited for my Christmas break from work so I can finally animate.

That's about it,