30 January, 2013

Wednesday; Texting Messages [page01]

Let's begin with text.

Many moons ago during those dystopian high school years wherein I was a highly flammable youngling, I discovered the magic of text messaging. Life has not been the same since.

I am still (proudly) on prepaid mobile phone credit, and probably won't change over to a plan any time soon even though I am now employed, simply because I will probably end up spending my whole paycheck on paying back the bill. To put it simply: I use my phone a lot. I text back pretty much immediately, unless I'm being paid not to or dying. I don't answer my phone as often, because most of the time it's on silence since if I don't put it on a permanent silent it will cause my death by heart attack. I'm not good with loud and sudden noises.

Even though I've many years of texting under my belt, I'd stuck to the relatively same sort of friends while in high school whose texts were, unfortunately, quite average. University has opened my heart, mind, soul and torn apart my phone, wallet, and various other items I own, and in meeting peculiar people I now have many texts that are much stranger. Being the visual person I am, I have decided to transform some of the many, many odd text messages that I have received at various points of the last year into illustrations and graphics, and thus a series was born, called
Texting Messages.

All of them require explanations, but I shall leave the explanation at a simple caption quoting the words on each image, because my handwriting and mind doesn't seem to work like those that belong to others. Each and every single image differs from the others in style, linework, colour palette and pretty much everything because I suffer from Many Styles Syndrome and don't like to make decisions. I will link to the person who sent me the text, as they are all real text messages that have been sent to me, wherever I can. Luca is the only one out of the four (Mick, Jess, Luca and Nat) who hasn't a page for me to link to, but his text messages were too wonderful to leave out.

#001: "You & I are different machines." - Mick

#002: "That is to say in simple English as thespian may proclaim, I lack your vision to see what is and a possible achievement, whereas you lack what I'd assume is enquiry." - Luca

#003: "I AM THE NOODLE." - Jess

I've not drawn one for Nataliya as of yet, but that's only because there's so much material to choose from for her. We've sent very odd things in the dead of night to each other, but these three shall have to do for now. Looking back on these drawings makes me hope that some day I will come across them again and think that not much has changed.

I have been absorbing myself into work, lately. I think I've started to permanently smell of chlorine (Mick tells me that this is in my imagination but no one else spends as much time with me as I do so I should know, really) and I've started to talk to our kitchen utensils like the kids at work. It's great. I love it so much.
The apartment is slowly getting more messy but I haven't the energy to clean it, which is depressing because it really reflects the amount of exercise that I'd been getting before (level: nothing) but on the plus side I'm now being paid to exercise and I have ice blocks in my freezer, so things are pretty great.

I leave you with the knowledge that I have eaten cheese with pasta for my past three meals in a row. I love you. You're beautiful and you have lovely eyes that work. Good job.

Let us momentarily part ways,

26 January, 2013

Saturday; Yellow [page02]

Let's begin with birthdays.

I have freshly completed my last days of being 18, and have graduated to start my 19th year as a human. It doesn't seem too bad, yet. 
I spent the first day of being 19 with lovelies, beauties and two thirds of my brilliantly shiny golden trio. To have more than one of them in one room together makes my life a better life, and my sorrows all the better. I woke to many scattered messages from admirers classmates, darlings and even acquaintances, deep somewhere in the Northern Beaches, with a particularly fantastic phone call that involved Jessica and many others whom I knew not singing Happy Birthday for me. I had a simple birthday breakfast cooked by the fellow Januarian, and the rest of the day mainly involved more glorious, glorious food, and the unavoidable alcoholic drink, the latter of which I don't plan on touching very often for the rest of however long it ends up being. 

As a birthday gift to myself I shall post an extra long post, because waiting until next week to post the things that happened on my birthday would be a silly idea.

The next few days of Yellow are just as interesting as the first 9, so without further interruptions here is a selection of the finest cheese and corn.

10th January, 2013

11th January, 2013
 12th January, 2013

13th January, 2013

14th January, 2013
The whole scavenger hunt was Silka's idea for her boyfriend so I think that she deserves Girlfriend of the Year

15th January, 2013

We were being an old couple on the balcony it was greatIt seriously is the worst tree how do I tree

16th January, 2013
Michael is a secret geek on the inside; he knows so much about Lord of the Rings it's adorable

17th January, 2013

19th January, 2013

20th January, 2013

21st January, 2013
22nd January, 2013

It doesn't help that I've introduced her as "my Russian bride" many times 

23rd January, 2013
This is the most accurate depiction of any friendship ever everyone else can go home 

24th January, 2013

25th January, 2013

Apologies, in this instance, go to the ones whose eyes are strained from attempting to read my scribble, the people who I have mentioned and/or drawn without prior warning, and those who are in the comics but didn't make the final selection. I still love you. Maybe some day I'll be able to bother with actual legible handwriting or a typed script for my comics but now is not the day.

I'm trying something new with the blocks of shades because halfway through the two weeks here I stopped crosshatching my hair and all that for no particular reason at all. Yellow is just a big experiment for me, I suppose, so all is in fun and hopes and dreams.

While I speak of experiments, Jess and I created this monster of 30 seconds today, here on my sketchblog, and I love it because it has a face only two mothers could love.

It's Chinese New Year soon! My mother will be back in Australia, and in our apartment for the first time since we had less furniture than eyeballs. I look forward to seeing how she reacts to the giant amount of knickknacks we own.

I have been cleaning a lot. Firstly because Midnight needs it, and secondly because it's surprisingly therapeutic. Here is a short list of things that moving out has taught me to do when stressed:

  • Clean like crazy because it switches off my mind and turns me into a robot;
  • The laundry, because it gives me an excuse to get away from stress later (kind of like a Get Out of Jail Free card saved for later);
  • Write because it lets me pour out the awful;
  • Cook because food makes anything terrible not that bad;
  • Write a letter to Nataliya because letters to her make my life a better life;
  • Sleep because I don't get enough of it as it is.
I'm not sure why I didn't already learn these lessons from normal life regardless of moving out or not but the days of the past were not Candy Days as they are now, so I suppose it's not that surprising after. Those days, however, are another post, another story for another day. 

All in well right now, and that's all I would like to dwell on for the moment.

Many merry super happy fun times, 

17 January, 2013

Thursday; Midnight.

Shall we start with my apartment? It's been named Midnight, and here is a short history of things related to Midnight, Kristin and I.

Kristin and I share a slightly off kind of humour, the kind of funny where it's just past it's expiry date and has started to smell a little odd. We also share wardrobes, because she has too many clothes and I don't have enough room in mine. Not that I'm complaining, because she has one of the great collection of strange items of clothing I have ever seen.

We signed the lease on the 24th of February last year, and the first of a boxes were moved in the day after. I remember sitting on top of the pile with my dear, darling flatmate, looking at the space in front of us, and knowing that it was going to unknowingly become home at some point.

Early in the years that we would climb the avocado tree in her aunt's backyard together, we had a fleeting discussion of moving out with each other after high school was behind us. Back then it was still a dream, because days would flow like weeks and months like years when we were young and unable to see ahead of us because the days were slow and the nights were long.

And then Kristin left to go back to her childhood home for a couple of years, and I didn't do very well in keeping contact. She eventually came back, but it was during my last year of high school, and the first year out of high school changes much about how one sees the world and how the world sees oneself, I suppose. She had grown in the time away from me, but so had I.
Time was moving forward.

After a lightning fast last year of high school, reality hit me in the form of a multiple month holiday away from the place and people I had spent years and years growing up in.
I decided to move out before university, because the place I was in was too small for my heart, and too constricting for my mind. I loved it like a child would love a cot that was no longer the right size for them.
And so I left my old high school, my old living quarters, my old guardians, and my old troubles behind and graduated with a heart full of the future.

Kristin had seen it before it was ours, and I hadn't. She was already at home, but it wasn't until some time in April or May that it became home to me. We moved in at the beginning of March.

Kristin and I sat in the middle of our living room when we first moved our things in in boxes, knowing that living here was going to be a lot of work. She looked at the curtains and knew she would replace them. I looked at the walls and knew I would cover them. We looked at the books we owned, the mugs people had given us (we had more mugs than we did plates and bowls because people liked to give us mugs once we told them we had decided to move out), the clothes we'd packed, and knew that it was going to take money and effort and time and work to make the place into home.

We had little things that have become traditions now. One of them is the phenomenon of Midnight Pancakes, renamed Pancakes at Midnight now that our apartment is named Midnight.
During assignments Kristin and I would suddenly become ridiculously hungry every night at midnight, and pancakes are one of the easiest and most satisfying things that we could make at the time. So making pancakes in the middle of the night during assignment weeks became a regular thing during times we had assignments, and it became one of those things that our friends would know the flatmate for, before our friends had met each other.

I have had a comic series (now named Midnight, after the apartment, previously named a whole lot of things) planned about the odd spicks and specks that have happened since we moved in for quite a while now, since the creation of Midnight Pancakes. I will begin drawing them all whenever I've finalised exactly how to draw Kristin, because drawing her is rather difficult at this point since I know her face too well.
Because I love her a lot, obviously.

Tomorrow I go and see The Hobbit a third time, with another one of my lovelies. Nataliya has not seen it, and I'm rather excited for her to do so because I am in love with the entire world and history of Tolkien's Middle Earth and all it's associated people and happenings.
I have began using my new planner, and haven't written in my journal for a while because things have been smooth. Not constantly, but enough so that emotion has been calm enough not to spew out in words.
I feel like I'm healing again.

May you find happiness,

11 January, 2013

Friday; Yellow [page01]

Let's begin with a single resolution from before the new year, and the possibility of a very long post.

I'm going to be starting my International Studies subjects next semester, meaning that I won't be in all of my animation classes with my darlings constantly any longer. Nor will they, considering that they have electives that they do not attend with the rest of the cohort all simultaneously as we did for every subjects in the last two semesters. Regardless, I will probably be drawing a whole lot less next year, and to counter this I wanted to draw at least one drawing daily, which isn't much to ask considering that's pretty much what I did for three years in the last years of high school.
I once had a small series of comics called Crack, from 2010 - 2011, which I drew mainly during classes. They looked like this, with horrid punchlines format as pictured on the right.

Rather than aim for that amount of quality, I decided to just settle at an autobiographical series of doodles describing my daily activities, observations and odd bits and pieces, most of which aren't too interesting, but my life (and handwriting) has definitely gotten much more interesting since the days of extension mathematics reaction comics.

In light of that, I give you a selection of the first 9 days of my daily 2013 comic, affectionately named

1st January, 2013


2nd January, 2013

3rd January, 2013

4th January, 2013

6th January, 2013

7th January, 2013

8th January, 2013

9th January, 2013

I shall not promise quality, or consistency, or quantity or anything, really in the content or anything else in Yellow. It's a separate comic series from another that I plan on starting as soon as possible, and much more casual than anything else I'm working on at the moment. To get back into the habit of drawing as often as I did during high school during times I'm probably supposed to be doing something else is the purpose of this, and whatever turns out artistically, will turn out. I won't even promise to post everything, only the halfway decent things.
Because this is how I relax, and this is familiar. Crack was a comic that kept me from going crazy during exam and class time in high school. Yellow may do something similar, or it may not.

Apologies in advance to people featured in the comics who look nothing like they do in real life. Only one or two features identify you from the other faces of people in the comic, and that's just the way I draw autobiographical comics and doodles.

I plan on getting back into writing this year, at some point. It would be nice to get back into old hobbies, and I have a few things planned. I have wall space to fill in my room. When I run out of wall space I'll take down all the old things and store them away to look at later in the years, and put up new things that take me further.
Perhaps some of my written things may even land here. We'll see.

We'll see.

May the year be kind to you,