13 February, 2013

Tuesday; Yellow [page03]

Let's begin with hair. Those of my head, in particular.

I cut my hair last week. I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that it was one of the best decisions of my past few years.
I have missed my short hair years. I missed the short time it takes to dry, the weightlessness upon my head, the coolness on my neck, the amount of hair clips and hairbands I can use without needing to deal with everything else and the whole package, really.
I feel like everything is right again with the world.

My job is one of the greatest pleasures of life right now; but my level of tired coincides with my level of activity and physical movement in general, and the happier I am, the more tired I tend to become. I draw a lot of work related things because it's supremely interesting there, and the kids I teach are teaching me a whole new way of looking at life and people and everything. It's great.
I also have never been in that environment, so it's just really, really fun.

Yellow is still going strong! I draw whatever I can whenever I can; and sometimes I draw extra things that aren't comics for it too. I will include all the ones after my haircut in the next page! Hello old hairstyle.

26th January, 2013
Trip_Monkey01 is one of the best things I have ever done with my time.
P.S. Here

27th January, 2013

28th January, 2013
Seriously though that arm I can't what is anatomy is it a bread


29th January, 2013
Everything was employment that day

30th January, 2013
I finally understand why people with jobs don't like going out now 

31st January, 2013
MAKE THAT THREE YEARSThe book is The Bird King and other sketches by Shaun Tan and it is a great book everyone drool over it because wargh what a great thing 

1st February, 2013
I have a tendency to only eat Japanese food when I go to the city

2nd February, 2013
If my alarm doesn't give me a heart attack I can't wake up apparently 
When I get tired I eat a lot of food within small hours

3rd February, 2013
Those scones were golden 
Planning this week went completely out the window because when they got here everything pretty much changed

I drew some blog things
I also redrew a lot of stylised portraits of people that I had seen this week it was a pretty good exercise

I go to Brisbane for a week in the company of some family next week, and look forward to it immensely. I have bikinis and swimmers ready, my camera is ready for adventure and my sketchbook is ready for new people to draw! I will fill my mind with lots of pretty things and blog about it afterwards, I promise.

My mother is here with me until the end of the month as well. She's wonderful, and being away from her for months makes me forget how fantastic she really is. I have missed her.

I will miss things while I'm gone, and love them twice as much when I'm back. I have things to do and to love and to honour and treasure. I'll be back. 

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