28 April, 2013

Sunday; Bright Lights

Let me tell you about few little things.

I really don't particularly care for rabbits, but perhaps I'll put up the animations in another post.. Once I'm happy enough with them. I'll put them on my sketchblog for now.
I must have drawn 20 pages of rabbits, which is lucky because I didn't have enough time to draw three times that as per usual, but nonetheless it got done.
Rabbits really make no sense.

I've been pensive and broken lately but soon enough I'll be back on my feet in a new apartment with things more settled than they are now. The loves of my life are still the loves of my life and everyone who matters is still being brilliantly and shining but everything else makes me weary.
I want to get back to drawing and animating all the time and I just can't and it sucks, but no matter. I'll keep going. Things happen and I'll recover.
I'm writing more these days, which I'm thankful for because otherwise I would probably kneel over and blend into the ground.

I don't think I'm grateful enough to everyone in my life because I tell the really close ones almost every day that I love them but sometimes it slips my mind that there's more than just them and there are so many people who are there to drag me through the days I don't want to go through and just thank you. I love you all and sometimes I forget to tell you but thank you for being in my life and saying things I need to hear sometimes and sorry that I cannot tell you directly sometimes because I'm not good with words in real life. If I could communicate with everyone through letters in life I would but then I would still be stuck back in 2001 so I guess that's why talking exists.
I hope that you will stick around for me to get through to the next stage because it's going to be a insane journey and not all of you will make it but you know how it is. It'll be fun, I think.

Last but not least, my darling significant characters. I love you all so much. You guys make my world the way it is and there is nothing I would ever do to change that because I can only be me if you guys are around.

I'm at a point where I can't manage to care about much else besides drawing anymore and I just want to spend all my time on that and you lot and just life why I can't sometimes. I just don't want to.

But I'll have to do the other things eventually and somehow that'll be how I manage my way through it all again. It'll be like last time but much better because I do care after all. Just not right now.

Every luck,

18 April, 2013

Thursday; Sims and things.

Let's go back to the Arthouse. 

It's been much too long since I've been back at my life drawing sessions. The first few pages were shamefully rusty, and even the better drawings are nothing like what I used to manage within the same amount of time. 
Nevertheless, I'm back there. I don't expect myself to be just as good as I was at the beginning of the year, but I'll be taking the next two weeks pretty much off of the other subjects to practice again because life without naked figures to draw is like a plant with blue leaves. 

There was a point to the blue but I forget.
I'm barely moving these days. There's too much to think about and too much to consider but on the other end of the spectrum there's a pot of gold that's waiting for me to move through all this and I'll reach it soon.
It's just difficult, but when aren't things difficult?

There will be more drawing posts in the next week and a half. I'm ignoring my other not drawing related responsibilities if I have to because it's suffocating me.

I've been addicted to Sims in the past few days and made Kristin and I as Sims. My favourite Sims Logic story to tell right now is how we bought a really nice house unfurnished because why not so we didn't have any chairs or proper furniture for ages. Every time we had a meal simultaneously Kristin's Sim would go and eat it on the toilet because there was nowhere else to sit, and my Sim would get annoyed at her because then she couldn't sit on the toilet to eat since Tin's Sim was in the way so she would eat it outside the bathroom in a bad mood.
I'm much better off now. We even have a sound system in the Sim house now.

I have a stupid short written series of stuff right now called Shit Haikus because I'm good at those and if I write enough of them I will put them here too because life is too short to be a good haiku poet. English haikus aren't accurate anyway sigh sob cries.

I saw Nataliya today in the first time since forever and it was so glorious I think my spleen exploded. There was so much to say and not enough time to say it all because my mind doesn't really work in multiple directions anymore these days it's just a One Way road which is stupid because I was almost late for work due to unwillingness to leave. She's just too good to me.

Keep going,

17 April, 2013

Wednesday; Break

We'll start at Edward.

A while ago a high school friend asked me to draw her something for her wall, and I began sketches of Edward Scissorhands. And something like six months later I have enough sketches of Edward to make a post, so here's the previews of Edward's face, Mary my dear.
Some are quite rough, but there are several where I'm trying to find his face (which pretty much involves drawing him over and over until I get him right).

Trying to find the right medium is the most difficult part. You asked me to draw him "in my style", I believe, but it's difficult to choose considering I'm all over the place when it comes to my drawing style. 

Soon my lovelies, soon,

13 April, 2013

Saturday; Two Units

I begin with an apology.

I haven't blogged in a while and my excuse is that I'm taking two extra units this semester and it's close to strangling me. German is a bit crazy and International Studies is slowly dragging me down, but I now have two weeks of break to concentrate on Vivid and on drawing in general, so here are some pages of my past few lectures and breaks.

On the 6th of April I went to the doctors and because it was a Saturday the waiting list was about an hour or two delayed or something. Either way, I had some time on my hands and a whole food court filled with different types of people. So I drew for the first time in a long time, and what turned out wasn't as rusty as I was expecting. 
There were a lot of tweens whose shoulders and hips were at the loveliest of opposites so I drew them (and a lot of them).

On the 10th of April I ditched my International Studies lecture to go to my Animation Studio lecture instead because I missed it and I missed being creative for productive reasons and finding excuses to draw.
I don't think anything has made me feel better like that lecture.

All in all I am currently a bit missing in action but I promise there will be posts and drawings soon, especially next semester when I'm doing two less units and studio again! I'm also working on a very late commission right now for a lovely Mary friend of mine, for which I promise to be posting up images of soon once life gets out of the way for a brief moment (which should be at the end of the week). The last Mary and Her Monsters illustration is also in the making, and Yellow is a bit scarred and scattered but I'll pick it back up soon enough.
We're moving out of Midnight pretty soon as well, which is a little sad but the old girl needs someone new who are better at time management skills to take care of her. The new apartment is yet to be named but isn't too far from our old one, just much newer and fresher. It also has a very big balcony and a lift and, living on the fifth floor, I know Kristin and I will be very grateful for it.

There's a lot going on right now and I'll be a bit delayed in posting but I'll cry and draw when this semester is over simply because of how much wordy work I've had to do compared to the creative side of things.

Draw me something,

06 April, 2013

Saturday; Land of Queens


There were so many
Chinese tourists I thought I
was back in China.

MovieWorld is quite
small in area. They fit
a lot in somehow.

We didn't do much.
I slept ridiculously
early, it was dumb.


Halfway through the day
it started to pour. Popcorn
will fix my problems.

I've wanted ice cream
all day but now it's too cold
for satisfaction.

Dear Australia
Weather, if I cease all my
mood swings, will you too?


Sitting on the beach
to draw sounds alright but there
are too many bugs.

Give me as many
chips as minutes of rain; I'd
be the Seagull King.

This morning I woke
and realised that I really
miss my dumb boyfriend.


Went back to SeaWorld
to watch dolphins and jet skis.
Watermelon race.

The watermelon
eating contest before bed
improved my whole day.

I can't wait to get
back in your arms again. It's
been quite a long day.


I woke this morning
at five, feeling completely
unlike P. Diddy.

Too many Asian
tourists wearing Crocs makes me
feel rather ashamed.

The humidity
in Cairns is kind of gross but
improves my mood greatly.


I have so much butt
hurt from my bike rides with mum
yesterday. Legit.

Have resorted to
reading Bad Fanfic on my
phone to pass the time.

My cousin caught a
baby shark, and I drove a
boat. We're river kids.


I arrived at Green
Island, and befriended
a great big tortoise.

Snorkelled and saw a
school of fish darting around,
while big fish swim slow.

Most of these haikus
suck. Why do I continue
writing faithfully?


Finally going
to be on my way home soon.
I miss everything.

Cairns was the highlight
of my entire week, but
Sydney is my nest.