30 June, 2014

Monday; Disposable 10x

This last camera got the most shots I've ever liked in one camera. That last photo is a complete accident. I have no idea why it looks like that. Most of my disposable photos were accidents (or things not quite being what I wanted), so it's been pretty fun. Maybe I'll take more, but for now, all my money is going towards developing my rolls and rolls of film, which is actually cheaper overall but still a staggering amount of money (mostly because I am still learning about lighting, but so fun!).

Team Diannie posts start tomorrow! Swing 'round and take a look at my expensive film accidents. There will be many posts next month from my Europe visit (not so much a trip since I only really went to two places, both in France) and probably many blurry nothings with vague Mick faces everywhere. It'll be great.

Mein Deutsch ist jetzt wohl wirklich Scheiße,

28 June, 2014

Saturday; Disposable 9.5

Aileen's birthday was all the way back in April or something. I don't really know. I must have been there though. It was probably a great night. April or May or whenever it was feels like it was a lifetime ago.

I lied last time but the next post will definitely be the last Disposable post for now and possibly forever, while I gather my Mini Diana photos and buy another Lomography camera because God help me. Film is such expensive fun.

Europäische Alkohol ist zu billig,

26 June, 2014

Thursday; Disposable 9.0

Turns out there weren't that many birthday photos on the next camera after all. I'm almost finished with the Disposables so Team Diannie stuff will be up soon! There's one more Disposables post, and then onto the Mini Diana stuff, the first roll of which turned out much better than I expected.

In other news, I arrived back home this morning, and how I wish I could tell you all about the trip, but hopefully the photos are amazing (and legible) enough to show you instead.
I haven't slept well in over three days.

Mein Bett, mein Gott,