30 October, 2014

Thursday; Story of Mural

This story begins with a night at Lentil as Anything, where Effy and I were asked to think up a mural design for one of the hallway walls.
We were very prepared to begin it the next week, but some other things prevented us from doing so. So we went to Steffie's place and ended up staying all night in a magical impromptu sleepover where we watched the sun rise the next morning.

I had the Blue Man in mind the moment I saw the wall, but he still ended up looking way better than I thought. Such a handsome Blue Man.
The rest of the food and people we were winging, with only the direction and shape of the overall thing in mind. 
We decided to use blue as our prominent colour, since the wall is a soft yellow and the doors and frames a striking red. 

Here's Michael so you don't get too tired of the blue. There's going to be a lot of it.
This is at the lawn near one of the wharfs at Darling Harbour. We used to go there a lot more. I like it there a lot.

While we were painting, we met a person named either Tom, or Tim (I'm very terrible with names) who also wanted to paint something for the wall. After asking Hugo, he joined in and it was decided that we could have a small interaction somewhere between our two pieces.
We finished around the 2nd of October, after something like a three sessions in that week.

Lentil as Anything has got a real good thing going on so you should check them out. Their food is delicious, the payment is by donation, and the community is so very, unbelievably nice.

Around this time is also another roll of film, which will be the next post because I don't follow a linear time line in my head so why should this blog?
I've been shooting less, but arguably better photos lately.
This roll was an expired disposable I bought for $5 (I bought three of them and gave the others to my dearest darling Nat) which was a pretty super find because I don't usually have the best of luck with sale money usage.

I spent a good two hours doing taxes today with my mother. It always happens when she's in town because I don't really understand how taxes work (just like every other 20 year old in the whole world). Tax hours aren't that fun, but mum generally works out all the numbers. I just have to add stuff together. So, as far as I know, taxes involve a high level of addition.

I may make a post about my Etsy purchases thus far later on next month because I've been spending way too much on shipping and need to face reality in the form of internet blogging.
I have a note pinned to my wall that yells, "CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF" and yet, here we are.

Here we are,

25 October, 2014

Diannie; Light

I messed up and snapped this roll of film inside the camera thanks to a weird thing in my winding system. It turned out much better than I hoped, since to get the film out without completely ruining it I had duct taped a pill bottle and unwound the film in my bathroom (since it is the darkest spot in my apartment), put fingerprints and other god knows what things all over it and shut it in the dark and really just hoped for the best.
There are so many light leaks in this roll, but I'm just kind of happy that the whole roll was saved enough to look at pretty pictures now.

I'll have some time soon (hopefully) to organise and print some photos that I specifically took for Another Hideaway a few weeks ago.
Things like assignments have, as usual, gotten in the way of that. The real culprit (also as usual) is my lack of time management, but who's blaming who here?

Beams Light Festival was a few weeks ago (which dates this roll back to between late August and September) and the UTS first years did a fantastic job.
A few of us went to The Rose Hotel afterwards, which looks deceivingly small from the outside, and shenanigans occurred.

My mother is in town! I also have a lot of work that I should be doing, but I'm knitting instead. I finished knitting that 4 year (now 5 year) old scarf and it's ready and on it's way to Michael. Or as much as it can be on it's way without leaving my apartment yet.
Mum bought with her some things I asked her for, including:
  • blank tote bags
  • hard drives for Michael and I
  • stockings
  • excellent company and conversation
We immediately went to have steak last night, because my mother always requires a bout of steak, sashimi and pho when she's in the country. Highly enjoyable. 

I have a really heavy spot in my heart for succulents, so every time I'm around the Botanic Gardens I always try and find my way to the succulent garden. My sense of direction is astoundingly terrible, which is really great for Michael because he gets to be right about directions almost 100% of the time.

I've been going to the Botanic Gardens since I was a child. There's a tape somewhere in the vaults of my father's garage that has a video recorded of me crawling around some patch of grass near the Opera House, with a string of bells on my ankle in a very fluffy white dress that I most certainly covered in grass stains.

It's exam time week after next. I have no idea how, but I'll probably make it to the other side of that at some point. Meanwhile, there's always the procrastination fuelled week before.
Lots of things are happening in the space of the next month, so hopefully I'll still find the time to procrastinate and post.

I dreamt that James Potter had red hair last night,

18 October, 2014

Saturday; Drawing and Expenses

There's something nice about drawing when you've bottled up stuff inside. Then you can be as sad or angry at the paper as you like.

apologies if middle fingers are an offensive part of anatomy in your eyes

There's also something nice about drawing lots of things when you should be paying attention to something else, like your tutor. Or an essay that's due in less than 12 hours.

But sleep is for the weak.

I've been drawing a lot, as I've said in the last few posts, because I have a lot of other work to do lately. 

If you are also into some strange drawing things, check out jennerallydrawing. I found her through a gif of hers (pretty sure that's the one) that went viral on Tumblr, from this animation she did (which I do like a lot). 

I don't think that's how somersaults work, but artistic license, right? 

Lately I've learned that I have very little self control when it comes to buying stuff off etsy. If you want to keep track of what a failure I am at keeping my money in check, Instagram's the place for that. It's just... All these vintage things! Op shopping without leaving my apartment or needing to put on pants! My method of stopping myself is either the shipping fee (anything other the amount of what the item is price OR over $20 is just too much) or generally if it costs over $20 I will triple think about it for like a month. By then it's usually sold, which is definitely better for my wallet.
I don't buy everything for myself (!!!) either. But still, excuses excuses.
On the other hand, I've totally lost feeling for going into stores to look at stuff to buy. Markets are still a threat to my monthly expenses, but I (unfortunately? Fortunately?) go to those a lot less these days.

If my collection of receipts are correct, I spend roughly 6 times the amount of money I spend on travel, on food (which makes sense since I live in the city right now, but still).

A while ago I read somewhere about a blogger who began to draw what she spent her money on. I'm trying to remember who it was, but a vague keyword search on Google has yielded me Kate Bingaman-Bert, who did daily drawings on what she spent money on for eight years. Eight (8) years! Imagine that.

Kanye ♥ Kanye,

15 October, 2014

Wednesday; Pre-Mural

muscle muscle muscle vegan vegan vegan

Effy and I spent a few hours in the last few weeks painting a mural at Lentil as Anything, and then ate food and drew people after each session. It was incredible. Everyone should go there and get involved, they're doing something amazing there. 
I took all these photos of the mural with a disposable, so those will be up soon (unless I hopefully do some proper work in the next three weeks). 

There's straight up another post!!! I have posts lined up!!! My creative flow is so much better when my uni work flow is terrible. That's really gotta be fixed at some point, but I guess not now. Not yet. 

I have a presentation this Friday, a referat the Monday after that, and then an exam and a quiz two weeks after that. And then, hopefully, I'd have already done all of my visa things by then and can just have some holidays before I get into packing heavily and saying goodbyes. 

I'm looking forward a little to all the goodbyes in contrast to all the hellos I'll be doing again when I get back. Who knows what'll happen in between? 
The other day in class we somehow started talking about how physically leaving always has a negative feeling attached to it. There are groups of people who can easily overlook that, and classmates spoke about how family can easily get back to like you never left. In reality, leaving will always mean that you've missed out on something, but somehow I feel like I need it. I need something new for a little bit, so hopefully I won't leave behind too much, or be forgotten for too long. 

Very hopeful,