29 January, 2015

Thursday; Still Jet Lagged


Here's the rest of my selectively chosen photos from my birthday. I have no idea who took any of these since I wasn't really around. I threw a few disposables and left them floating around all night, and it was probably one of my best choices of the night. 
Once these are uploaded onto Facebook you'll never hear of me talking about my 21st/goodbye party (parties) again. 

I'm currently hiding at home and avoiding the cold and also paperwork. 4 out of the 6 subjects were booked the moment subject selections were opened up at 10am yesterday, which sucks because now I have to do that thing where I sit at the computer and constantly check it to see if there are spaces in the class. I hate baby sitting technology, but paperwork is worse. 

Was ist mein Telefonnummer?

28 January, 2015

Wednesday; Jet Lag

Ryan's accidental MySpace vibes is my favourite out of everything so far. 
More birthday photos soon to come as I edit them, and then the full album will be up on the FaceBooks. Also a new vlog playlist

Grüezi for real, 

19 January, 2015

Tuesday; Neu Jahr

I started the new year on the train to Michael's place. Somehow I feel like that's a pretty good indication of where my year's going to go.

Frohes Neues Jahr,