21 February, 2016

photos; swiss dreams 02

We caught the usual last train to Basel on a Sunday night even though there were extra trains all night because of Fasnacht and I witnessed Switzerland at it's annual weirdest. Google Basler Fasnacht. Go on.
The group ended up at about 20 people, scattering during the night after a big gathering at the pub. It couldn't be helped since the crowds were ridiculous. A friend ended up carrying me on his shoulders most of the night, partially because he was drunk from the half a bottle of Polish vodka he had consumed, and partially because I was getting quite stressed out about the possibility of getting lost.

A lot of the rest of these aren't so clear, but they're going up anyway because I quite like them.

With images so dark, I even got the inkling to do something I don't usually do.  No but really, this post really is quite dark, and it's because Fasnacht was mostly in the dark, or too dark for me to actually use my camera. I clearly didn't know this at the time because I have a ridiculous amount of photos from Fasnacht, but it was so worth it because out of the entire year that was probably the weirdest, and most Swiss thing I'd ever seen, which is something that I keep saying because it's the truth.
Everyone needs to see Basler Fasnacht.

I actually had class the next afternoon, but I ended up skipping it (don't be like me, kids) and staying for almost the whole of the first day of Fasnacht. Entirely an irresponsible decision, especially since we ended up at a hostel that half the group had booked earlier in the week. I ended up sleeping an hour or two that night in a bed with three other girls in it. It was surprisingly comfortable.

I think at this point I was still just discovering the wonder that is Javi, whom I miss an incredible amount. Thank god his birthday is conveniently just before I leave Europe mid year this year. It's going to be fantastic.

The vlog from this post is here. There are two parts, both of which will explain that last photo so I don't particularly feel like I need to explain the randomised assortment of things. That penguin stuffed toy is currently living on my window sill and his name is Jono.

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This week I sent a bunch of postcards, sorted out a bunch of car stuff, went driving multiple times, didn't die, went to Nelson Bay for mum's birthday and a few other things. I even made gifs! I even started writing my report and all. It's been a productive week.
I've almost finished developing all my rolls of film. To no one's surprise, there are giant gaps in between rolls, and sometimes a month's gap in a single roll. These gaps are usually filled by my phone photos, which I will be putting up once I make them into a scrapbook. Because I'm silly and scrapbooks are fun. 

I did a quick calculation and figured that if I only post 2015 photos twice a month I won't be done until roughly two or three months after I'm back from Europe. With the fact that I probably won't be taking my laptop with me to Europe, I'm going to be posting once a week on Saturdays between when I leave on June 11th and when I get back on July 18th so that I'll finish posting them all roughly at the end of July, and probably have a scrapbook to finish and hopefully lots of Europe drawings to post after that! Either way, in June and July I'll probably be most active on Instagram (@annieandthemotions) and Snapchat (oncestrangers).

I'm a day late! I swear it's because I couldn't figure out how to queue posts up properly. No, really!

Chuck us your address if you want a postcard, 

13 February, 2016

draw; selfies 01

In between all the reorganising and readjusting, I've realised that I've drawn more selfies in the past few years than anything else. It's been a default to revert back to, and I've done it since I was probably about 13. 9 years of selfies. That's probably a future project waiting to happen.
I had a tough beginning of the week so I drew a lot of foetal positioned selfies to make myself feel better. It worked. I'd recommend it, but who knows if it'll work again. 

On Monday I went to the beach for the first time since getting back into the country.
Coogee has a lot of foreigners, perhaps because it's so close to the city. It didn't seem to have too many tourists though, which is usually my problem with Bondi and Manly. The tourists themselves I'm fine with, but crowds are not so much my thing.
Coogee also has the Coogee Pavilion, which I quite like. There are a lot of dogs outside in and passing by the seating area just near the entrance, which is definitely another reason why I like it there.
I think I drew the same lady over and over for about six or seven pages. It was nice, drawing on the beach. Maybe that's why my back is a little sunburnt.

I haven't animated anything in a while, but here's another gif that I might end up fixing into a loop soon. I have a thing to do for my mother that she had asked for a while ago, which I'll probably get done in the next two weeks.
I keep doing that thing where I walk into another room and then immediately forget why I walked in there. Sometimes I forget to pee. I feel like an ageing dog. Here's the gif. Hopefully I figure out the timing a little nicer and animate it.

It's hard some days to stay awake when I wake up in the morning. Not because I haven't had enough sleep (though this is also the culprit many times over), but because I lack motivation to actually step outside my front door. I spent the first two days of the week (after going to the beach for the majority of the day) just at home and not talking to anyone. 

On the other hand, thank god for Australian coffee. 

I really enjoy owning a scanner, 

06 February, 2016

photos; swiss dreams 01

Gaby's big farewell was just before mine, I think. I took almost no photos pre-departure, because I really was caught up in the moment. Leaving people and places and things this round was unbelievably scary because I was comfortable for the first time since I was a child. 
But in the end I have some weird strand of nomad blood after all. 

Here's Zurich. 

All my first impressions included snow, but I didn't start taking photos until all the snow was basically gone. I remember thinking that Zurich seemed to always be grey and cold, but obviously this was very much a winter thing. 

On the 7th of February, we went to the Landesmuseum.

The front of Landesmuseum was under construction pretty much the entire time I was in Switzerland, so I never really saw it in it's full glory. The inside of the museum itself is lined with incredible history, and some of the floorboards squeaked so loudly that I ran out of the room immediately after stepping inside in fear of falling through (which, of course, is the silliest thing I could have feared). 
There was a paper cutting exhibition, the permanent history and culture exhibition and another one that I have now forgotten. 
The museum ticket was a sticker that I stuck in my diary, but I didn't have enough space to stick it in the right week so I stuck it in a different week. A year later, that made me very confused about the chronology of events so I spent a good hour searching for the right day. My vlogs were useful after all. 

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I'm surprisingly on track! Today I handed another three rolls of film to the old Korean man who was very confused as to why I handed him so many rolls of film last week that only really had half of the photos that actually were images of real things and not just flashes of colour (not that I would complain). The reason was because I was a dumbass and thought one of my cameras was empty. It was not, and I wasted half a roll, but ah well. It's all part of the film camera adventure. 
I have a Fisheye lens for my phone now, but I'll probably still use my Fisheye film camera (because I'm a creature of habit). 

I've spent the past few days resting, actually. My jet lag has finally dispersed so it's actually time to get back to doing work. 

Wish me luck because, as always, I'll need it, 

05 February, 2016

update; new year//new me

You'll never guess who's back.

2015 was a spectacularly spontaneous but highly stressful time of my life, and I'm ready to get back on track now. As of later today (it's 1:30am) I will be in possession of both a car (which I will learn how to operate) and a scanner (which, my god, about time really). The rest of my year has been penciled out to the clearest of my ability so far, and my room, while not totally unpacked yet, is becoming quite homey.

I've had a few people pick up on the fact that I haven't been posting that many drawings lately, and the shameful answer to that is that I haven't really been drawing as much. There are a whole wall of excuses behind that (I didn't have access to a scanner, I was traveling all the time and photos/videos were the no. 1 priority, the luggage contents that I needed to bring home were already overweight.......) but in the end, I was just giving myself reasons to not draw. So that needs to be remedied. Thanks specifically to Seb for getting up my ass about that.

My mother will be in Sydney until the 23rd of February, but hopefully that shan't get in the way of the shiny new official updating schedule of 2016! Speaking of which, is, so far, as such:
1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month will be the very many rolls of 2015 Europe photos that I've just started getting developed! The ones with people in them I will also be including on my Facebook page, because of course not everyone is checking my blog at this point.
2nd Saturday of every month will be a drawing update of some sort, either of projects or doodles or whatever.
Last Wednesday of each month will be a written update, which sometimes may or may not include vlogs or videos. 
All of June and most of July will be photos, and possibly some other surprises.

At this point, the fastest way to see what I'm doing is generally Snapchat (which is still under my old handle, oncestrangers) for all the silly dumb shit I do, or Instagram for a slightly more serious #aesthetic.
February is very likely going to be scattered as I get myself into rhythm, but I should be into it and rolling by the time it hits April.

Here's another list, because those I like. Things to do before uni starts again:

  • Make a printed scrapbook of 2015 Europe everything from phone 
  • Drive as much as possible
  • Get your sleeping pattern back to something that's at least regular somehow
  • Regulate your room
  • Figure out where my other guitar is
  • Make notebooks
  • Send postcards, also send Timtams

It's now too late for me to think straight. Have an excellent day, where ever in the world you are.