30 March, 2016

update; a film watching kind of easter

The other day I spent about $70 on a stamp pad, two sets of charcoal, a piece of paper and four markers. If anyone ever questions why artists are poor, the reason kind of speaks for itself.

I'm making plenty of things but keep feeling guilty for not making more things. This guilt trip cycle is a little insane because the more I feel like I should be making more things the less I feel like making them, and then I get more guilty and less productive in a constant loop.
I like to remind myself that anything more than zero is exactly that, and it usually does the trick.

Over the long weekend I watched the following films:
  • 12 Monkeys (1996) Terry Gilliam
  • La Jetée (1962) Chris Marker
  • Logan's Run (1976) Michael Anderson
  • Brazil (1985) Terry Gilliam
  • Barbarella (1968) Rogar Vadim
  • Suspiria (1977) Dario Argento
  • The Stranger (1946) Orson Welles
  • Citizen Kane (1941) Orson Welles
  • Live and Let Die (1973) Guy Hamilton
I'm still on a long way to recovery from all that. I was also supposed to analyse three images from an illustrator, finish my illustrations and do a lot more filming for the tiny 30 second film I made for 2D Hybrid but all those films took up a lot more hours than I somehow expected them to. 

I had a relatively confusing 24 hours today, but that's all fine because I made it through to the other side and now I'm probably going to suffer from no sleep tomorrow morning but hopefully I give myself enough time to get a coffee before class. Somehow I don't think I will. 
I forgot what it was like being back in animation. It's barely been a week and I'm already stressed out, but I also forgot what it was like to constantly be making things, and that's real swell. All my older bad habits are coming back when it comes to workflow but I don't think my heart is as strong as it used to be after a year away so hopefully that means I take care of myself a little better than I used to. No more 16 hour days while forgetting to eat. 

Suspiria is one of the most visually striking films I've ever seen and everyone should watch it. Shout out to Jenny who has one of the best tastes in film I've ever come across. I would probably watch anything and everything she recommends. 

As much as I complain, I've missed all this. That being said, I'm having a pretty tough time readjusting. That being said, I've never actually had to live in the exact situation I'm in now, so it's hardly readjusting and more... Just adjusting in general. So, all in all, fairly forgivable if I do say so myself.

I need to drink more water, 

24 March, 2016

photos; italy

On the 7th of April Megan, Grady, Mario, Dom, Niki and I went to Milan, picked up a soccer mum 7 seater mini van and began our Easter week Italy road trip.
We went from there to Pisa to Florence to Rome to Naples and Pompeii, before going all the way back to Milan to catch a train back to Zurich. Real props to Niki who drove the entire time.

This road trip probably produced the most spectacular photos out of everywhere I went. You'll see, when I make that scrapbook of mine, how lovely even all my phone photos turned out.

We made a road trip playlist at the beginning of the trip at a hostel one night and it was all lovely.

I thought I took more film photos in Italy actually, but I guess I was too busy filming
Turns out I did take more photos in Italy - I just somehow missed scanning all of the rest of them. 
I have a lot of footage of Megan doing weird shit in the middle of Italy, it's pretty great. 

That's probably my favourite thing about Europe. So many deliberately different cultures crammed in a small space - you can travel an hour or four and get to somewhere entirely different from where you were. 

The vlogs for this are here. Watching them makes me want to start planning my next Europe trip.

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I've been on holiday for real this week. It's been amazing, but somehow my brain has been on struggle street. I've missed people more intensely than ever, and a few nights ago I crawled under the table to cry.

I've been listening to Life of Pablo pretty much on repeat, and basically watching my 2015 trailer three times a day:

Life is great and sad and great, 

23 March, 2016

photos; belgium & turkey & bikes

I don't want to think about life, and realised yesterday that I missed scanning two or three entire posts. So here's how this will end up, I guess. I'll probably do a read more cut somewhere because it'll be a long one.

I'm a mess, but what's new?

We spent most of our trip to Belgium in Antwerp, which I've absolutely fallen in love with. All the cafes and art and buildings are just so lovely, and the train station is absolutely brilliant. The following weekend we went to Istanbul, which I loved in a whole other way.

It's pretty obvious that at this point since I wasn't developing things often I wasn't sure of which settings did exactly what, and unfortunately (or, alternatively, fortunately) my photos all turned out pretty blended up. I still love how they look though, because Istanbul is beautiful even if you look at it through a blender. 

I think the week after the trip to Istanbul I ditched class one day to go on a bike ride around the lake in Zurich, which I actually completely do not regret. 

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I'll be posting another post before I'm updated with the schedule I had before I realised all these missed posts. Look forward to the spam!

Blender life, 

12 March, 2016

draw; gifs & people watching

I actually made this last month using an old Typo flip book and my window light, since I don't have a light box in my room right now. I'm slowly getting back into the habit of image making but, like all habits, it's hard to get back into something when you've gotten out of it. 

One of my favourite places to draw people is during lectures and classes. It's probably my inner procrastination master coming out, but I kind of like not paying attention which is the worst, but hey. At least I get something nice out of it.

I'm starting with a new year of people in animation, so it's a whole new group of people to draw! Fun times.

I've realised lately that I'm actually inherently a very melancholy person. In the past 24 hours I've been listening to jazz and being sad in bed a lot. It's getting pretty out of control. I should be drinking entire bottles of wine and crying, really.
Honestly, I've lived a really great life, and probably will continue to do so. I just also happen to be sad during a lot of it. The more I look at the art I've posted (and not posted), the more I realise a lot of that sad gets channeled into the stuff I make.

I just have a lot of feelings all the time.

I've finally handed in my ICS research project and the relief I feel is so immense it's unbelievable. If you know what's good for you, don't start projects when you've got a week until the deadline.

Now I can think about making things without feeling the guilt for an entire week,

05 March, 2016

photos; konstanz

I can't exactly remember when this was, but this trip to Konstanz pretty much marks the beginning of my friendship with the Dominiks. 

Konstanz is about an hour away from Zurich by both train and car. It's super cute and kind of small, but had a shopping centre right next the train station where everything is still like a third of the prices they'd be in Zurich, even factoring in the cost of the trip over the border.
It became a fairly regular thing where I would go over there to drink a semi-decent coffee and eat my weight in sushi.

I have no idea why Dom and Grady are posing like that. They look like grandparents.

The vlog from this post is here.

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I realised midway through this week how terrible I am at keep a schedule to do anything. Usually I think it's just because nothing in my life is all that regular, but really that's probably just an excuse to never get into the habit of doing anything (which is a bit shit). 
But since I never ended up posting that other update that I was supposed to last week, here's a slightly longer one getting put up with this post. 

Most of Zurich from last year has now gone and come home. Most of the ICS kids from this year have started to leave. Since my last post, I've hung out with Jackson and Gaby and Jocelyn and Kate in Sydney and Sarah's back in Melbourne, Paul's come back from his trip and so is Ayon. 
So that's all fine and dandy. My report is coming along fine enough but I hate thinking about it (along with any and all my other responsibilities because in the end I am only a child really). 

I keep telling myself I need to draw more only to feel guilty every time I do.

It's Mardi Gras today! Happy something.
I hope to see the parade for the first time in my life tonight, wish me luck! But before that, yet another driving lesson.

I kinda suck at driving,