30 May, 2016

photos; prague dreams 02

Prague is a dream, and seems to always be.

Kevin and his sister Sara run an Instagram dedicated to cafe recommendations called @yourcafesucks, and it's honestly been my go-to for coffee adventures for the past two years. Going to those cafes that I've seen online is lovely and kind of strange.

Walking around Prague feels like someone's dropped you into a fairy tale and then forgot to tell you where you've gone. It probably helped that it was Christmas, and the markets were on and I was about to start my second month long backpacking adventure, this time in winter.
It was absolutely magical. 

Kevin's guest ledge room has carpet featuring dinosaurs skateboarding, and somehow I really feel like that describes him pretty well. 

The next weekend I went to Vienna again to visit the Dominiks and some friends I made over summer in Portugal. I barely took photos because it seems that I don't take as many photos in places I spend a lot of time drunk in. 

That last photo is Budapest, I think. I caught the train from Vienna, and of all the people in the world I could have ran into on a train from Austria to Hungary, I ran into Jocelyn and it was pretty great. 

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I'm in Europe in two weeks holy shit. Here's where I am when:

12/06   Sydney - Paris - Annecy
19/06   Annecy - Brussels
22/06   Brussels - Amsterdam, Delft, Utrecht, Amsterdam
25/06   Amsterdam - Vienna
29/06   Vienna - Zurich
01/07   Zurich - Barcelona
04/07   Barcelona - Milan, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Bari
08/07   Bari - Athens, Santorini, Mikonos
12/07   Mikonos - Munich, Germany places, still undecided
15/07   Undecided - Brussels
??/07   Brussels - Paris
18/07   Paris - Singapore (16 hr layover)
19/07   Singapore - Sydney!

I have 4 assignments I should be doing right now, 

26 May, 2016

photo; prague dreams 01

Prague is an absolute dream city. There's practically nothing that I do not love about it.

Kevin and I met somewhere in 2010 or 2011, through a mutual friend on Tumblr via Instagram back when I could still meet people online by random happenstance. 4 years later we met for the first time in Sydney, and a year after that I met him in Berlin to go to Lollapalooza and visited him in Prague like a month after that.
It's a pretty great story, and it's a lovely product of growing up in the new century. 

Kevin had been in Prague doing his PhD for a few years when I went to visit so he knew his way around pretty well. I ate so much food it was unbelievable. 

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My mother's back in town for the next few days and it's pretty great. Hopefully I'm not going to lose too much of my brain getting assignments done AND moving in and out AND packing to go to Europe AND generally just figuring out my life. 

Back to work, 

22 May, 2016

update; otherworlds

I was invited slightly last minute to share a table at the 2016 OtherWorlds zine fair the day before yesterday and ended up making things until I ran out of printer ink at 4 in the morning. It was brilliant.

In the haze of the waking parts of 40 minutes of sleep I ended up getting in two days I completely forgot to take a photo of our table (I shared space with Effy, Poppy and Jono). I made enough money to completely then spend all of it immediately buying other people's zines and things.
I still have stuff left from the fair, details of stuff for sale, the current price list and how to get stuff is on my Facebook, swing by!

I was pretty surprised at how many people were actually buying the stickers I had made of myself. I have more things to sell, but so far the only things I'll have up is the left overs of what I had from the fair ~_~

Some other things:

  • the Daiso on George St is way bigger than the one in Central Park
  • I'm really bad at remembering to buy things for illustration
  • I've been having massive cravings for Ben&Jerry's cookie dough but I've been holding off on it
  • I'm having mac and cheese tonight because why not
  • mum comes back to Sydney next week and I'm going to start moving out


17 May, 2016

draw; 2015 sketchbook 01

My handmade notebooks from Zurich are exceptionally bad because I did not have any of the tools I required, and just bits of paper to work with. In some way, it adds character right?

I got incredibly rusty in the first few months of living in Switzerland because I wasn't making the time to draw. It got better over summer, but I didn't draw as much as I should have in 2015. What I did draw was on the go, generally while traveling, and I did manage to use up a few sketchbooks. Most of those came back with me, so I'll be posting a few times with different sketchbooks.

I bought this notebook from a little shop in the middle of one of Istanbul's side streets. I also took the illustrator's business card, but have moved so many times since acquiring it that I'm pretty sure it's not with me anymore.
The pages were a lovely off white when I bought the sketchbook. I put it through quite a bit of stress.

The drawings are already towards the middle of the year. I was drawing from Tumblr for a little bit of time because I wasn't comfortable with drawing in front of any of the friends I had at the time, usually because I didn't like people watching me draw which happens when you're the only one in the group who's drawing.
The last three double pages I drew at the 2015 Il Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna. The man on the right with the moustache on the second last image was some sort of organiser who gave a speech and had a lovely set of wrinkles. I think this was on the last night, actually, so we would have been watching Kubrick's 2001 Space Odyssey in the middle of the piazza, under the stars, through an impressive film projector set up. So many people showed up, and it was incredible.

There's also a drawing of me with Victor and with Javi. I miss them a lot, but I'll be in Barcelona again soon enough.

Ich hab dich lieb,

14 May, 2016

photos; tubingen

When Paul moved to Tubingen I went to visit in early December. Tubingen is lovely and tiny, and Schwarzes Schaf is one of my favourite cafes.
Earlier in the same week I watched Der Lauf der Dinge and it's become one of my favourite things ever. There's lots of things on the internet that I would consider important in the history of things that I love. Der Lauf der Dinge is definitely one of them.

On the weekend I visited there happened to be some sort of food festival in Tubingen. I think it was a chocolate festival. Paul and I went on the Sunday, I think, and there was one stall that sold the most amazing truffle pasta I'd ever tasted. 
I still think about that truffle pasta. 

It was a good weekend. 

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My life kind of works in a 5 or 6 year cycle. My melancholy comes and goes, and it seems to appear whenever my situation is about to change drastically. There doesn't seem to be much I can do about it, but I don't really mind. It's a little bit like a pause in my life, when I retreat into myself for a while to take a breather. 
It's almost kind of nice if I can manage to do it without burning bridges, which is something I've been trying to avoid my whole life. 

I may end up being very mellow after being in Europe, so that may be a thing to look out for. I shouldn't be under any stress too serious. 

Keine Ragrets, 

12 May, 2016

draw; 2k16 zine life 01

I'm making mini zines! Here are the first two covers. They're a bit all over the place but I love them and they're $1 each!
In the next two weeks I'm going to make a lot more drawing zines as well so I'll have hopefully 5 or 6 mini zines with 3 of them being poetry ones and 3 of them being drawing ones by next week or the week after and it'll all be super cute!

I'm probably going to keep talking about these for a while until I start actually getting stall tables to sell stuff. Giving myself deadlines is working a lot better than I thought it would, actually. So fun, so fine. Here's a lil sample ~_~

sample meeeeeeeee

A lot of the poetry zines will have photos from last year, some of which I haven't published elsewhere before. I wanted to get a postsecret kind of feel, or something. There are colour versions but I don't think I'll sell those yet.

Anyway, look forward to more things as I make more stuff. Stuff and things horray!

Zine me up,

11 May, 2016

photos; last days 03

I found a few skipped photos from the Last Days while I was putting them all into albums. I also found that I hadn't scanned all the Uetliburg photos, which are all lovely so here we go.

Switzerland has a different kind of beauty to everywhere else I've ever been. It's old as balls but everything feels clean and still in use and very put together. 
Nothing feels out of place. Everything is exactly where it should be. 

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I had a groundbreaking migraine yesterday and ended up going to bed at 8pm. It was ridiculous. I slept until 4am and then kind of lost my will to live but now I'm editing photos and it's not so bad. I might even go out for breakfast. 

Thanks to Illustration 1 I've been doing so much work and been more motivated to make my own stuff than ever. Almost every second thing I've been posting on Instagram has been art in the last month, and I can't even begin to explain how much of a good feeling that gives me. 
A pile of drawings that I've scanned sitting on my table makes me strangely proud. So if I can fix up my sleep again, in conjunction with how regular my meals have been I'll be hilariously normal for once. I can't say that I've been aiming for that in the past but lately I've been calling myself out for bad habits. So that's that. 

I'm in dire need for fixative,