28 October, 2016

photos; italy

I truly adore Italy. There's not many more places in the world that I appreciate to the degree that I do Italy, really. I think if you disregard the time I spent in Switzerland since I lived there, I spent the most time last year in Italy.

My last official university hand in is on Halloween. How appropriate.
I'll be done soon.

Here's a thing,

22 October, 2016

photos; again//

On my way to Barcelona (yes yes, again) I stopped by Zurich to say one last final goodbye. Ollie was around. We drank beers and watched One Punch Man. 

The end is quite, quite nigh. I'm really looking forward to the end of uni.


16 October, 2016

photos; wien

I had gone to Vienna for a Black Sabbath concert, which was hands down one of the best concerts I've ever witnessed. I then proceeded to spend as much time with the Dominiks as I could. This wasn't easy, because I'm annoying and they had their usual life happening, but I'm pretty convinced it was a good "last" visit.

I'll be back soon enough.

Last stretch,

11 October, 2016

photos; the nether

The first day it didn't rain in the Netherlands was about 28 degrees and absolutely sweltering. The rest of the trip was an actual dream. I miss the beer.

I've decided to start vlogging again once uni's finished. I'll update with more when I make more of my mind up.

I miss a lot of things,

06 October, 2016

photos; hague-zy

I went to four different cities within two weeks and in every city it rained so things were a little gloomy, but I was happy.
I saw Silka for the first time in like two years when I went to visit her in the Netherlands to start the bigger leg of my visits. It was all levels of ridiculous.

Keep swimming,

02 October, 2016

photos; annie-c

I adore Annecy for so very many reasons and think about it often. I can't wait to have more reasons to go besides "I want to".

I've only really gone to Annecy with the UTS animation guys, but there's something nice about that.

It rained most of the time we were there this year. I remember when it was 30 degrees like everyday, when we hid from the sun instead of the rain. Both are nice, though I wish we had more sunshine. I whipped out my camera every time it stopped raining.

This time I spent more time exploring Annecy than watching screenings, but aimed to watch every single short film in competition set (which I ended up successfully doing).
I'm learning to enjoy my own company but it's pretty hard when you're very much not used to it.

I've been listening to a lot of Nightvale again,